The planet needs more plants – and you can help.  There are many types of plants you can easily try to grow inside your home, including one from the seed of an avocado you have eaten. You will need to have some patience, but it will be worth it when you see your plant start to grow.

Step 1.
Eat the avocado! The, wash the seed from the center of an avocado clean and peel off the thin brown layer on the outide. ( try to always buy sustainably farmed avocados).

Step 2.
Stick three toothpicks to into the sides of the seed. Make sure the bigger end is at the bottom. Suspend the seed over a glass of water filled to the top so the seed is submerged into about 2 cm’s of water. Make sure the top is exposed to air. Place the glass in a warm spot out of direct sunlight. 

Step 3.
Be patient!
Make sure you keep the water nice and fresh. After six weeks, roots and a stem shoot should begin emerging from the seed. (If nothing has happened after eight weeks, throw your seed out and try again with another one.) Continue to change out the water in the glass and wait until the stem is around 15 cm’s long. Cut it back to 6cm’s and wait for it to sprout leaves. 

Step 4.
Once you have dense roots and healthy-looking leaves, transplant into a pot. Find a pot around 25cm diameter( or larger)  with good drainage holes. Avocado plants have shallow root systems and can easily be killed if the roots have too much water  – so make sure the pot has good drainage. (Use a sandy potting soil, something loose, fertile, and well-drained. Find some coarse stones placed in the bottom of the pot can help with drainage). Loosely fill the pot almost to the top with potting mix and dig a hole deep enough for the avocado seedling’s roots. Spread the roots out and gently pack soil around the seed, leaving the top of the seed above the soil line.

Step 5.
Place the pot  on top of a drainage dish or plate and find it a home near a south-facing window. Water your plant regularly ( but not too much).

Step 6.
Enjoy watching your plant grow

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